Courtney Westlake | About Courtney

Well, hey there. Glad you’re here!

I’m sure you guessed from my home page, but I’m Courtney. And I write.

I could call it a lot of things (creative professional? crafty content creator?) but in the most basic form, I use words to tell a good story. And I use story to make people want to invest.

I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Illinois, where I learned to put together words concisely in a story that grabbed a reader’s attention. I also learned the value of turning over a high-quality completed piece of writing on time; simply put, I don’t miss my deadlines.

After college, I married my husband Evan, and we have two children, Connor and Brenna.

Over the past 11 years, I’ve worked at a daily newspaper, a public relations department, and as a freelance writer. I’ve written for blogs and magazines, I’ve crafted websites and email sequences and client case studies, and I’ve written for internationally known online platforms like Woman’s Day and the TODAY Show.

My writing does two things: connects and converts. What that means for you? You attract customers who stick around and buy what you offer.

Whether you’re growing your business, expanding your marketing department or launching a new product, I help you do what you do best…by doing what I do best. Contact me, so we can get started!