Courtney Westlake | What I Do

You know you need fantastic content.

Story-telling is one of the most powerful branding tools you can employ. Why? Stories pull people in emotionally. When you tell a good story, people stick around. To read, to learn, to invest in what you’re offering.

But actually running your business takes up your hours. Your blog hasn't been updated in 6 months. You keep putting off creating a web page of customer case studies. Your landing page for your newest service isn't converting into sales.

Need help telling your story? That's where I come in.

My writing services fall into two categories:

Copywriting: Finance, Business, Nonprofit and more

I write web site content, client case studies, articles and email marketing campaigns that share a clear message. What happens next? Your readers and customers are compelled to take action - whether sharing with others, contacting you to learn more, or making a purchase. 

Ghost-writing: for Entrepreneurs, Marketing Executives, and Authors/Speakers

You recognize that consistent, high-quality communication is the best way to stay connected with your audience, but you just can't find the time to write. Through my content, we'll convert your ideas, services and products into elevated brand awareness and passionate loyalty from your clients. Showcase your expertise and build upon your relationships through copy written in your voice, such as:

  • email newsletters
  • columns or articles for publications
  • blog posts
  • ebooks/books
  • landing pages

My writing equals your success. Within each of my projects, I craft messages that clearly demonstrate why you are improving the lives of your customers and readers. Compelling words convert engagement into a passionate following and increased sales.

Contact me to get started.